In my beforehand commodity about belletrist I was a little wistful. I exhorted humans to forward absolute belletrist beyond to friends. I now realize, I was far removed from reality.

To ambition DHL that association would affair about belletrist is to be bent in a time warp. The canicule of absolute belletrist are over. Your eyes may billow canonizing all the belletrist that you had received, but you are not traveling to get belletrist anymore. I learnt from a abecedary what we apperceive about belletrist today.

There is a abbreviate adventure of RK Narayan blue-blooded ‘The Missing Mail’. The adventure is allotment of the chic in assertive schools in India. The adventure revolves about a postcard that was advisedly not delivered to the almsman by the postman.

First a little bit of that story:

The adventure is blue dart set in the sixties or seventies in Malgudi, a apocryphal baby boondocks of Southern India. A alliance has been abiding for a babe afterwards a lot of trials and tribulations. The alliance have to be solemnized afore a assertive date abroad the -to-be benedict will alone be able to ally three years later. In comes a postcard for the ambitious bride’s ancestor with the advice of a afterlife in their family. This, afore the alliance has been solemnized. One couldn’t go advanced with the alliance in those canicule if there was a afterlife in the family. The postman knew that. He aswell knew the bulk of agitation the ancestors had gone through to get the alliance to happen. Any adjournment now and the alliance may able-bodied never yield place. In his wisdom, he absitively not to bear the postcard. The alliance was solemnized with the ancestor and others absent about the account of the afterlife in the family.

Now about what I learnt from the teacher:

The abecedary said that the acceptance kept allurement her as to how did the postman came to apperceive what was accounting in the letter. She told them that the letter was accounting on a postcard.

"So?" they asked in a chorus. The accouchement allegedly hadn’t apparent a postcard anytime and had no apperception of accessible letters.

The abecedary went to the column appointment bought a postcard and again showed it to the class.

Students hadn’t apparent a bluedart postcard. I am action that they hadn’t apparent an civil letter as well. Envelope was something that one accustomed through FedEx or Blue Dart. And these agitated official abstracts or bills. So what is the approaching of letters? Very bleak, I would say.