From Tijuana to Ensenada there are abounding means to get around Redbus. If you go by car there are two capital roads. One is chargeless (el libre), but it is so abounding of betraying potholes on stretches that some of us abstain it whenever possible. It is currently beneath architecture the absolute breadth and will be four lanes the absolute way. The added capital artery is the assessment alley which has 3 assessment booths forth the amplitude from TJ to Ensenada. Each assessment costs about two dollars depending on the peso to dollar ratio. For some acumen Ensenada consistently has the accomplished assessment but not by much, alone a few cents. This is all for those who accept a car to get around.

If you do not own a car, do not anguish as the accessible busline actuality is actual reasonable, reliable and frequent. In Rosarito, breadth I go the a lot of often, taxis clamber up and down the capital artery continuously. Some go as far as La Mision, 40 afar away, breadth I live, for $1.80 one way. A lot of fares are about $1.20 for bounded transport. Exact change is not necessary, yet you will ambition to accept baby bills. Abounding of the drivers in this breadth do allege some English. They will stop breadth you want, unike the US which has appointed stops. This goes for getting best up also. Angle by the ancillary of the alley and a auto will arise and acquisition out if you charge a ride. What a nice system. When I aboriginal got actuality nine years ago the taxis were mostly age-old base wagons for the continued distances. Now they are nice adequate white vans with a dejected and red band down the side. They will say how far they are traveling and the amount absolutely generally on the larboard ancillary of the windshield.

Yellow, blooming and white taxicabs can be had for added privacy, or to go off the capital roads. They are still absolutely reasonable, but do be acquainted they will try to up the book on biting riders. Acquisition out from a bounded what you should absolutely be paying and bargain with the driver. They will cavern as they do not ambition to lose the fare.

There is a red bus one can bolt from city Rosarito, beyond from the Rosarito Beach Hotel. There is a big auto angle of abounding chicken cabs. This bus will yield you all the way to the bound for a fee of about $12. They alone run in the summer. There are still taxis that go to Tijuana so ask at this auto angle to acquisition out breadth to bolt them and the accepted cost.

Susan Mahalick has lived in Red Bus Baja for the endure nine years. She recommends that newcomers can use the FRAO (Foreign Relations Assistance Office) for abounding of their issues and information. Baja is a abundant abode to reside admitting media misinformation. She has aswell accounting a book about “Living Resourcefully, Yet Well” accessible in eformat on Amazon about tips on active able-bodied and aural a budget.